Equipment for temporary works at height

Our temporary nacelles, harnesses and suspended platforms are used to raise and lower people and materials using a system of manual, electric or pneumatic winches with passing cables, and allow work to be carried out on facades.

Our equipment for temporary work offers great working comfort and optimal adaptation to many scenarios on site.

They benefit from great maneuverability given their lightness, thus ensuring precise and rapid implementation. Their use does not generate any space at ground level and does not emit any noise or vibration pollution.

The Fixator benefits

Made in France

Products designed, manufactured and assembled in France.


Work safely with Fixator products. Ensure the health of your employees.


Going faster, higher and more efficiently: this is the challenge of the products offered

Custom made

Innovative products developed to allow the best adaptability to the challenges of Building

Temporary platforms

Suspended platforms MODULAHO and MODULECO are height access systems that allow work across the entire surface of a building.

Our platforms are made up of 2 or 3 meter long trays that can be assembled according to your needs. The maximum length of a suspended platform is 12 meters, and can reach up to 16 meters long when equipped with a swan neck.

The V-shaped platform, for its part, was designed to carry out repair work on wind turbine barrels 4 to 5 meters in diameter, on tanks and silos.

The assembly and disassembly of our suspended platforms is simple and quick, allowing efficient start-up of the site.

Temporary cradles

The FIXATOR individual cradle is an alternative to the suspended platform with the difference that the basket only uses a single electric or manual winch for lifting a person.

The man-riding cradles (guided by arms or removable on cables) of FIXATOR have been specially designed to mount along large lighting pylons (stadia, port areas, airports, industrial sites) up to the maintenance platform.

Temporary bosun chairs

The temporary individual harness, designed to carry out inspections or facade work in a seated position, offers a real alternative to the suspended platform with the difference that the chair only uses a single electric winch for lifting people, e.lift 350.

The individual bosun chair, which can be equipped with reels, is ideal for operations in confined spaces and restricted access and benefits from rapid commissioning on construction sites.

It can be suspended from hanging systems such as suspension beams or parapet brackets.