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V-shaped platform (adjustable angle)

Product description

The V-shaped suspended platform (adjustable angle) has been designed to carry out repair work on wind turbine towers Ø 4-5 meters, on tanks and silos.

The V-shaped suspended scaffolding benefits from rapid commissioning on construction sites.

The cable installation operation can be carried out using our material lifting winches.

Benefits Users

Practicality and simplicity:

  • Adaptable to any type of wind turbine – the 54° adjustable angle offers an easier working area;
  • Quick access to wind turbine masts and corners;
  • Fully dismountable, easy to transport and store;
  • Use with swan neck stirrups possible;
  • Compatible with winches manual and electric e.lift.


  • Anti-slip aluminum tray;
  • Support wheels for smoother ascent and descent.


Length 2 x 2 or 2 x 3 m

Technical characteristics :

V-shaped platform


320 kg

*WLL: Working Load Limit


Equipment included:

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Optional equipment:

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