Exolift climbing aid

CE standard

Product description

Exolift is a motorized and autonomous portable system which assists the technician when ascending and descending on the wind turbine ladder, limiting his physical and cardiac efforts and greatly facilitating maintenance or repair operations on wind turbines.

It can be used to reach the gondola for operations of maintenance but also in assembly phase of the wind turbine barrel.

Exolift is an intelligent device that instantly adapts to movement speed of the operator by supporting 80% of its weight.

This climbing aid works with a fixed strap (included with the product) to be installed on the service ladder of the wind turbine or lighting pylon and a hanging kit.

The Exolift ascent assistance system is assigned either to the fleet or to the team of technicians.

One EXOLIFT per wind farm is sufficient.

User Benefits


  • Exolift installs and works with any type of ladder and fall arrester.

Comfort :

  • Reduces arduousness and physical effort by 5;
  • Is autonomous thanks to its rechargeable battery.

Security :

  • Exolift stops working instantly at the slightest voluntary stop by the technician.

Economy :

  • Increases the profitability of maintenance operations, by dividing the rise time by 3 for a very low cost per wind turbine;
  • Simplified maintenance, quick to carry out and very inexpensive.


Automatic shutdown Yes, if speed of
up/down > 24 m/min
Emergency stop button Yes
High limit switch Yes
Bottom limit switch Yes
Effort limiter Yes

Technical characteristics :

Exolift helps with climbing

Traction force RL

Variable; from 40 to 96 kg

Ascent and descent speed

Variable, from 0 to 24m/min



Storage and use temperature (C°)

0°C* / +50°C

Strap load capacity



48V - 11.6Ah
Lithium Ion

*WLL: Working Load Limit

Equipment included:

Your product comes with…

EXOLIFT - Pack with instructions for use, carrying bag, strap
Carrying and protection bag

Optional equipment:

Also remember to request a quote for additional security or comfort features.

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