UPS2T lifting pulley

CE standard

Product description

The UPS2T pulley is a universal opening pulley, of which Fixator is the manufacturer, with a capacity of 2T (2 tons) and innovative features.

Designed using the NF EN 1808 standard, it can:

  • Be used in order to change the direction of the cable of the loads to be lifted;
  • Be used as a reeving function to double the lifting capacity of your winch in order to avoid its replacement with another with a greater lifting capacity.

The UPS2T lifting pulley allows you to lift materials or people for installation work in elevator shafts or other lifting needs up to 2000 kg (2 tons).

Benefits Users

UPS2T is the acronym for “Universal Pin-Safe 2 tons”, which means innovative features:

  • ORIENTABLE AND ADJUSTABLE SIDE WING NUTS: Avoid bleeding and allow a deviation angle of up to 90° to be achieved;
  • LOCKABLE AND REMOVABLE AXLE: Removable and double lockable axle thanks to a safety pin and an innovative design;
  • CABLE CHOICE: Torsion resistant, available in different diameters: 8.3, 9.5 or 10.3 mm;
  • CHOICE OF HOOKS: Fixed or semi-rotating, Self-locking or CLevis hooks;
  • COMPATIBLE WINCHES: Fixator winches meeting CE standard – Liftho 600/800/1000 NEO, Motrix 750/1000 or Fixator winches meeting UL/CSA standard – e.lift 1000lbs or elift 1500/2200 lbs or other cable winches with lifting capacity up to 1T.


Limit switches: Consult us

Technical characteristics :

UPS2T pulley


2000 kg (2T)

Groove Ø


Weight (without hook)


Steel cable 

Torsion resistant from Ø 8.3 up to 10.3 mm

*WLL: Working Load Limit


The lifting pulley is a lifting device for lifting loads (using Fixator material lifting winches Motrix 750/1000/1500) or people (using Fixator people lifting winches Liftho 600/800/1000 NEO) while doubling the lifting capacity of your winch (reeving function with the 2 strands of the cable attached to the load).

It can also be used to carry out angle transfers or to change the direction of the cable (return function with one strand of the cable attached to the load and the other with the winch).

Equipment included:

Your product comes with…


Side wing nuts Removable and lockable axle

Optional equipment:

Also remember to request a quote for additional security or comfort features.

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