Wind sector: Fixator lifting products for peaceful work at height

Wind turbines

For the wind power sector, FIXATOR offers not only a system to assist with climbing inside wind barrels but also suspended platforms, nacelles and equipment lifting winches for carrying out repair work on blades and barrels. wind turbine.

The Fixator benefits

Made in France

Products designed, manufactured and assembled in France.


Work safely with Fixator products. Ensure the health of your employees.


Going faster, higher and more efficiently: this is the challenge of the products offered

Custom made

Innovative products developed to allow the best adaptability to the challenges of the Wind Energy sector

Interior access to the wind turbine via ladder for maintenance or repair work

Height access system for wind turbine inside the barrels.

FIXATOR has developed EXOLIFT, a ladder climbing assistance system allowing a technician to carry out maintenance operations inside a wind turbine.

EXOLIFT is an innovative system that instantly adapts to the speed of movement and intuitively to the weight of the user by supporting 80 % of their weight.

This assistance in climbing a wind ladder ensures not only a reduction in fatigue and cardiomuscular disorders, but also better health and efficiency of wind turbine technicians. 

For the development of EXOLIFT, we received the regional Territoires Innovation Trophy, Industry category.

Exolift climbing assistance for the wind sector – internal access to wind turbines via service ladder

External access on mast for maintenance work or repair of wind turbine shafts or blades

FIXATOR offers suspended platforms, nacelles and equipment lifting winches for carrying out repair work on wind turbine blades and barrels.

Our solutions allow you to safely assess damage to blades such as lightning strikes, cracking and structural damage, hull separation, partial or total breakage, design or manufacturing defects, etc. .

Wind Sector Fixator Products for external access to the wind turbine

  • LM 450 / USA - Photo 2

    LM 220/300S+/450/500+ winches

  • Button box | LM_500+

    LM 300S+/300S+ VFD/500+ winches

  • LM 90 - Photo 1

    LM 90/250 winches

  • MOTRIX 750 - winch-construction site-fixator

    Motrix 750/1000/1500 winches

  • Manual winch 3510

  • Hand crank geared winches