Winches and cable hoists for lifting people and loads


FIXATOR manufactures a wide range of winches electric (which includes the e.lift, Liftho, L.M., Motrix and the Basketball Winch), manual and pneumatic for people and equipment lifting applications.

Our complete solutions are intended for professionals in the Building, L'Industry, of L'Infrastructure, L'Elevator, L'Wind Power Sector and Sport and Show.

The Fixator benefits

Made in France

Products designed, manufactured and assembled in France.


Work safely with Fixator products. Ensure the health of your employees.


Going faster, higher and more efficiently: this is the challenge of the products offered

Custom made

Innovative products developed to allow the best adaptability to the challenges of Building

People lifting

Our temporary and permanent suspended platforms, nacelles and harnesses are equipped with electric people lifting winches (LIFTHOe.lift), manuals (m.lift) or pneumatics (p.lift).

Our cable winches allow unlimited working height. Traction is carried out on the working cable and safety is ensured by a second cable, connected to the safety block.

All our winches meet the safety requirements required by European and global regulations, and must systematically be equipped with safety blocks (fall prevention systems).

Fixator range of electric winches with passing cable for lifting people


Tension : Single-phase and three-phase
Charge capacity : Between 500kg and 1000kg
Controlled by : Remote control, button box – control box 

Top limit stop | ELIFT_501


Tension : Single-phase and three-phase
Charge capacity : Between 600kg and 1000kg
Controlled by : Integrated control; the button box controls the winch

Material lifting

FIXATOR offers a wide range of electric and manual winches for lifting equipment:

MOTRIX and LM wire-rope winches can be used in the Building, Industry, Elevator sectors (for transporting cabins inside shafts, lifting guide rails, fitting out shafts ) and Wind Power (maintenance work), on an unlimited working height.

LM winches are wire-rope electric winches allowing the lifting and pulling of material ranging from 90 kg to 500 kg without limitation of working height.

MOTRIX winches are electric cable winches allowing you to lift and pull material ranging from 750 kg to 1500 kg without working height limitation.

We also offer lifting solutions in the entertainment and sports industry. The basketball hoop winch, the manual crank winches and the 3510 manual winch will help you carry out your operations of lowering and raising basketball boards in the sports hall and, in particular, handling blinds.

 Fixator range of electric winches with passing cable for lifting loads

Button box | LM_500+
MOTRIX 750 - winch-construction site-fixator

Fixator range of manual cable winches

Fixator manual winches for lifting equipment or people.

Lifting capacities from 0 to 400 kg.