The use of suspended platforms, nacelles and harnesses requires the installation of hanging devices on the roof, on the parapet, or on the facade.

These systems are suspended by working cables and safety cables from different types of hangers: suspension beam, parapet clamp, under-lead clamp, also referred to as parapet clamp by bridge.

In order to adapt to all configurations and in particular to sites that do not allow hanging from roofs, we offer a simple and secure alternative: the platform suspended on additional FIXEO masts which replaces the hanging of beams or parapet brackets from the rooftop.

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Fixabeam suspension beams

Counterweight suspension beams (or spitter plate) FIXAPOUTRE are made of steel tubes that fit into each other in order to be able to adjust the distance between the supports and the overhang (front offset).

Suspension beams are very modular. They can be equipped with a guying system, the supports can be raised in order to be installed above obstacles such as a parapet or a ventilation duct.


FIXATOR offers 4 telescopic models (with or without guy) in galvanized steel for greater resistance to bad weather. The maximum load capacity is 800 kg.

Wheel options for Type 4.S and 5.S – height under beam: 1260 mm


Type 6 and Type 7

To allow the hanging of a suspended platform on a terrace cluttered with ventilation ducts or when the parapet is high, we have designed a raised beam offering the possibility of passing obstacles up to 2.80 meters and lifting heavier loads.

Parapet clamp

The parapet brackets (or parapet clamps) are used to suspend a suspended platform (flying scaffold), a suspended basket or an individual harness to the parapet of the building. Parapet clamps can also be used to attach a material lifting winch.

The parapet console works on the principle of a clamp which is fixed to a wall thickness ranging from 0.15 to 0.50 meters. The front offset ranges from 0.35 to 1.00 meters. The use of parapet brackets is recommended in the context of a new construction site.

We offer 3 models of parapet brackets with a load capacity ranging from 500 kg to 800 kg.

Our parapet brackets are very easy to install suspension elements because they are small and light.

Custom-made parapet clamp

Parapet brackets can be standard or made “tailor-made” according to very precise technical specifications in order to perfectly meet your expectations according to the architecture of your building. The FIXATOR team is at your disposal for further information if necessary.

    Overhang parapet clamp (by bridge)

    The under-lead console allows you to suspend a temporary platform to carry out work on industrial installations such as bridges, storage tanks and specific buildings.

    The under-lead console is mainly installed below the installations and is used in addition to our FIXAPOUTRE or Parapet Console suspension systems.

    Davit arm

    Our davit arm has been designed to carry out lifting work from fixed scaffolding.

    The davit arm adapts to all types of scaffolding: unidirectional and multi-directional.

    LM 90 - Picture 4
    FIXEO - bi-mat platform

    Fixeo twin mast platform

    Twin-mast or double-mast platforms FIXEO allow construction or maintenance work to be carried out at height when the roof of a building does not allow any hanging.

    Starting from the ground, FIXEO provides an economical, modular and secure solution.

    It is possible to use several platforms simultaneously. The platform controls remain independent of each other.


    Our manual monorail trolley is a translation system designed to suspend a material lifting winch and move along an aluminum rail.

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