Anchoring device: under-lead console

Overhang parapet clamp (by bridge)

Product description

The overhang parapet clamp by bridge attaches to the front element of a suspension beam FIXAPOUTRE placed horizontally. The beam must be installed beforehand.

The overhang parapet clamp by bridge can be used to perform work on storage tank walkway.
The maximum load capacity (WLL) of the console under lead for suspension beam is 500 kg and its weight is 37 kg.
The custom design of an overhung parapet clamp possible according to specifications defined jointly with the design office.

Benefits Users


  • Suitable for the maintenance of storage tanks and port terminals when the facade is set back from the roof
  • Maximum working load: 500 kg
  • Compatible with our suspended platforms MODULECO and MODULAHO equipped with winches e.lift 350, e.lift 501 and our individual pods.

Comfort :

  • Ease of transport, assembly and storage: does not require counterweight / assembly by means of screws for maximum security
  • Mobility around the entire perimeter of the roof and stability guaranteed thanks to the support wheels and the tensioner cable
  • Adjustment of adjustable wheel supports
  • Made of galvanized steel for great resistance to bad weather
  • Minimal maintenance
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