Load fall arresters for lifting people

Load fall arresters

Electric winches with passing cables intended to lift people onto platforms, nacelles or temporary suspended harnesses must be equipped with load fall arresters (safety blocks).

FIXATOR provides two security blocks intended for the protection of people:

SECURICHUTE with overspeed and SECURISTOP with roller: if the platform suddenly descends or experiences an excessively abnormal inclination, our fall arrest systems will be triggered and block the descent or inclination.

Our Securichute and Securistop load fall arresters meet the safety requirements relating to European regulation No. 2006/42/CE Machine.

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The SECURICHUTE load fall arrester (safety blocks) is triggered in the event of platform tilt and overspeed > 30m/min.

Load capacities range from 500 to 1000 kg.


The SECURISTOP load fall arrester (safety block) is triggered in the event of inclination of the platform (> 14° or lack of tension in the cable).

Load capacities range from 500 to 800 kg.