History and know-how - FIXATOR

History and know-how

A journey to the heart of the FIXATOR universe that began in 1924

The creation of the brand


The origin of the brand dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, in 1924, when FIXATOR “Ets FIXATOR – O. Guillemin et Cie”, a small workshop located in Paris, manufactured components and remote controls intended for the aviation sector. The latter use a braking system developed and patented by the design office of the time.

This braking system also makes it possible to equip manual winches with passing cables to carry out maneuvering work on gas candelabras in the streets of Paris.

The time of the first changes


In 1924, FIXATOR became a partner of the Ministry of War.

The company's activity takes a new turn and specializes in the design of components, joysticks and winches for piloting airplanes and automobiles.

In 1934, the first winches for suspended scaffolding were developed. This is the beginning of a niche change that the Second World War will only accelerate. FIXATOR will respond, in particular, to a strong request from the company LAHO (to designate “ascension”) concerning the design of winches for lifting people. At the time, LAHO was a reference brand for painters and sold scaffolding and winches.

FIXATOR left Paris in 1939 and settled in Maine et Loire (49) in Angers.

An innovative spirit


In 1965, FIXATOR developed its solutions and technologies by producing the first motorized cable winches.

FIXATOR becomes a subsidiary of LAHO EQUIPEMENT in the CFAO group, but remains confined, by the wishes of its shareholders, to the French market.

A journey spanning over 100 years to the heart of the FIXATOR universe

Assembly assistance


FIXATOR offers technical support for handling the equipment.

A qualified person from our team supports the site manager in implementing height access solutions or “tailor-made” designs, requiring specific technical advice on site.

Technical assistance also makes it possible to jointly study the user manual and go through the various points of vigilance regarding the start-up of the equipment for maximum functionality and mandatory and necessary installation checks for carrying out the work in completely safe. Our service makes it possible for operators to have a good understanding and optimal use of our solutions.

The challenge: innovation and international openness


In 1999, a family group, represented by the current President, Bruno PATRON, acquired FIXATOR.

Under his leadership, over time, the company based its development on diversification, technological innovation and internationalization.

These three levers allow FIXATOR to acquire an undeniable reputation on the national market, as well as for export in the field of height access solutions in different sectors: Building, Elevator, Industry & Infrastructure, Wind and Sport and show.

The opening of its two subsidiaries based respectively in China (Shanghai – 2005) and the United States (New York – 2018), also allows FIXATOR to develop new markets, particularly in Asia, Oceania and North America by offering products and services that respond precisely to local needs as well as the regulatory standards required in each country, to stand out in a controlled manner and to work on its capacities for adaptation and innovation on a daily basis.

Internationalization has favored the creation of a network of new partners.


To date, FIXATOR has a large network of service points and distributors throughout mainland France/overseas and throughout the world and exports to more than 50 countries.

All over the world, at the local level, through our production site, our offices, our subsidiaries, our partners and our distribution network, our teams put all their energy and will into building strong and trusting partnerships to innovate, develop and move forward together in the same direction.

This is where the key to success lies.