e.lift electric lifting winch, 1000-1500 lb, 208V

e.lift NEO electric winch, 1500-2200lbs, 208V

UL/CSA Standard

Product description

Winches e.lift 1500/2200 lbs NEO are electric winches with passing cable meeting the standards of the North American market (see e.lift 600/800/1000 NEO for the European market) and integrating the safety features provided by the NEO System electronic overload with display of the load lifted, logging of the number of hours of use, etc.

They are associated with suspended platforms and nacelles, elevator cabins or False Car for work at height such as facade work or elevator shaft work.

The control is remote and connected to the control box which can manage several winches at the same time.
Designed to lift people, the e.lift 1500 lbs NEO and e.lift 2200 lbs NEO winches can respectively reach lifting capacities of 1500 lbs (680 kg) and 2200 lbs (1000 kg).

Benefits Users

  • Suspended use, in a False Car or installed in a platform depending on your installation
  • NEO System electronic overload : stop of the winch if the maximum load is exceeded, exact weighing of the lifted load (in real time), hour meter, overload adjustment.
  • Buzzer if the maximum load is exceeded
  • Very resistant one-piece aluminum housing to prevent corrosion
  • Simplified maintenance thanks to easy access to the mechanical part
  • Obligation to use with a fall arrest system / safety block Securichute or Securistop

Additional information

Weight N/A
Model (North American market)

e.lift 1500 lbs NEO, e.lift 2200 lbs NEO


1~208V, 3~208V




Order type: Integrated
Top limit switch: Optional
Controlled manual descent: Yes
Lack of charge Yes

Technical characteristics :

e.lift 1500 lbs NEO

e.lift 2200 lbs NEO


527 L (1~), 527 C (3~)

527 A (3~)


1500 lbs (680 kg)

2200 lbs (1000 kg)









9 m/min (30 ft/min)

9 m/min (30 ft/min)


1~ 156 lbs (71 kg) 

3~ 160 lbs (73 kg)

160 lbs (73 kg)

Steel cable 


5x19, 5x26, galvanized steel with synthetic core.


5x19, 5x26, galvanized steel with synthetic core.

*WLL: Working Load Limit

Electric winches for lifting people with passing cables e.lift 1500 lbs and 2200 lbs NEO are mainly used in the sector ofElevators, of Building and thewind power.

They are mainly intended for professionals working on elevator shafts (installation of guide rails), for temporary work on building facades (new construction work, facade renovation, insulation, repairs). on industrial installations, wind turbines) or permanent work on facades (cleaning work on curtain walls, maintenance of atriums, etc.).

Depending on your need for lifting people, they can be installed on suspended platforms Modulaho/Moduleco, carrycots or harnesses.

e.lift 800 NEO - Picture 3

elift 800 winch on platform

Winches e.lift 1500/2200 lbs NEO are also available in a “mechanical overload” version for the North American market with electromechanical load limiter, lifting capacity of 1000 lbs and UL/CSA certification (see e.lift 1000 lbs), or lifting capacities up to 1000 kg and CE certification (see e.lift 600/800/1000 NEO)

To control the raising and lowering of the suspended platform, the operator has a button box connected to the control box, in turn connected to the winch(s) whose movement it manages.

In compliance with specific standards for lifting people, winches e.lift 1500/2200 lbs NEO are sold with a safety block (fall prevention system) Sécurichute and its cable guide.

Equipment included:

Your product comes with…

  1. SECURICHUTE security block
  2. Controlled manual descent lever
  3. Carrying handle
  4. NEO System electronic overload
  5. Voltage indicator
  6. Platform mounting kit
  7. Up/down lever
  8. Emergency stop
  9. Pendant control

Optional equipment:

Also remember to request a quote for additional security or comfort features.

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