Moduleco suspended platform - FIXATOR

Moduleco suspended platform

Product description

The modular suspended platform Moduleco is ideal for carry out high-rise façade works.

MODULECO is compatible with electric, manual and pneumatic winches (e.lift, m.lift and p.lift).

Benefits Users


  • Adapts to any type of site,
  • Agile assembly and disassembly, bolted pins and pins; a single end element and a single connecting element. vs 4 end elements and 3 connection elements for Modulaho
  • Simplified transport and storage (reduced number of elements – monobloc),
  • Possibility of adding a adjustable angle.

Comfort and Safety:

  • Ease of use,
  • Ergonomic, handy,
  • Anti-slip aluminum tray,
  • Equipped with winches equipped with safety blocks (fall prevention systems Securistop or Securichute).


Pin 20mm diameter: Optional
Mounting bracket for m.lift winch: Optional

Technical characteristics :

Controls safety kits

To be checked:

  • Every day, the proper functioning of the mechanisms and emergency stop;
  • Regularly, the condition of cables, fixings and structural elements;
  • The safety of the suspension structure, and in particular that no counterweight has been removed;
  • The plumbness of the platform with the hanging system;
  • That there is no accumulation of snow, ice, debris or materials on the platform;
  • That there are no obstacles on the facade;
  • At the end of the work, the “decommissioning” is carried out.

Equipment included:

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