Single-piece individual cradle

Product description

The single-piece individual basket FIXATOR is an alternative to the suspended platform with the difference that the basket only uses a single electric or manual winch for lifting a person.

The individual pod is ideal for operations in confined spaces and restricted access and benefits from rapid commissioning on construction sites.

It can be suspended from hanging systems such as suspension beams or the parapet bracket.

Benefits Users


  • The individual suspended platform can be used to carry out different jobs in confined spaces.

Practicality and Comfort:

  • Ideal for work in confined spaces and restricted access;
  • Equipped with guide wheels;
  • Ergonomic, light and easy to handle.

Additional information


0.7 x 0.7m, 0.7 x 1.2m


Anti-slip aluminum tray: Yes
Guide wheels and rollers: Optional

Technical characteristics :

Model 0.7 x 0.7 m

Model 0.7 x 1.2 m


LM90A (50Hz), LM90B (60Hz)


Capacity (RL)

2 people or 240 kg

2 people or 240 kg

CMU* of associated winches



Compatible winches

e.lift 350/501, e.lift 500/600, m.lift 

e.lift 350/501, e.lift 500/600, m.lift 




*WLL: Working Load Limit


Before use:

  • The nacelles must be handled by at least 2 people. Optional wheels
    are available (ref 433047).

Do not transport the baskets other than on the 4 wheels available as an option.

Otherwise, or if the ground is not level (sidewalk, steps, holes, etc.), remove the winch from its support.

Equipment included:

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Optional equipment:

Also remember to request a quote for additional security or comfort features.