Permanent suspended platforms PERM 05 – PERM 15

Product description

The permanent suspended platforms or scaffolding PERM 05 and PERM 15 are platforms suspended on a cable for carrying out cleaning work on windows, curtain walls and atriums and are intended to be permanently installed on a building.

The permanent hanging platforms PERM 05 and PERM 15 can be associated with suspension systems such as monorail, terrace trolley or davit arm.

Benefits Users


  • Anti-slip aluminum floor;
  • Reels for steel cables included and for electric cables (optional);
  • Light, stable and space-saving;
  • Customized design possible, according to specifications defined jointly with the design office.


  • The PERM 05 permanent suspended platform is the result of a mechanically welded construction in galvanized steel (carrying bracket) and aluminum (tube structure and fairing), which makes it very resistant to corrosion;
  • The PERM 15 permanent suspended platform is made from galvanized steel and aluminum construction, which makes it lightweight and highly resistant to corrosion.”

Additional information


PERM 05, PERM 15


Mandatory security block: Securistop 600
Compatible with winch(s) e.lift 350, 501

Technical characteristics :

PERM 05 (2m)


Capacity (RL)

180 - 300 kg

180 - 300 kg

Weight without cable

290 kg (2m) 

310 kg (3m)

Cable dimensions

from 1.40 to 4.50 m

from 1.40 to 4.50 m

Distance between cables 

2 or 3 m

2 or 3 m

Overall height

2,150 m

2,150 m

Overall length

2.46m (2m) 

3.45m (3m)

 0.865 m

Compatible winches

e.lift 350

e.lift 500

*WLL: Working Load Limit

Equipment included:

Your product comes with…

Facade support wheel | SELLETTE_INDIV_2 Ground moving wheels | PERM_06 Sensitive bar | PERM_02 Fairing of guardrails | PERM_02 Electric cable reels | PERM_02
Facade support wheels Wheels for moving on the ground Sensitive bar Guardrail fairing Gyrostop control box 24 V or 48 V Steel cable reels (100 m)

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