LM Electric winch for construction 90-250kg, 230V

CE standard

Product description

The LM 90/250 winches for building sites are wire-rope winches allowing equipment lifting and towing for loads ranging from 90 kg to 250 kg without working height limitation.

Benefits Users

  • Use suspended or fixed to the ground
  • Up and down limit stops guarantee safety and prevent damage to devices or any possibilities of an accidental cable release from happening
  • Possibility of doubling the lifting capacity and reach up to 500 kg of lifted load thanks to the use of a lifting pulley and a reeving kit.
  • Optional electromechanical load limiter allowing the winch to be stopped if the maximum load is exceeded
  • Simplified maintenance thanks to easy access to the mechanical part

Additional information

Weight N/A

LM 90, LM 250




50Hz, 60Hz


Top limit switch: Yes
Bottom limit switch: Yes

Technical characteristics :

LM 90



LM90A (50Hz), LM90B (60Hz)



21 kg

21 kg








50Hz - 17m/min

60Hz - 20m/min



34 kg

34 kg

Steel cable 

Ø5 galvanized steel

Ø5 galvanized steel

*WLL: Working Load Limit


Material lifting winches LM 90/250 can be used in the sector of Building for lifting and hauling equipment, in the sector Elevators for the transport of material inside ducts, in the_Wind Power Sector for maintenance work.

Our LM 90 and LM 250 winches with passing cable, for lifting equipment, can be equipped with a radio control, in substitution of the pendant control. Switching with the latter is easy thanks to the electrical outlet pre-installed on the winches. The radio control offers completely different working comfort. In fact, the lifting of equipment is carried out with more autonomy and less clutter with cables and cable extensions on site.
If installed in suspension, they can be hooked to davit arms, fixapoutre beams, parapet brackets or parapet clamp by bridge depending on your installation or installed on the ground by means of fixing brackets.

Equipment included:

Your product comes with…

4 button box Transport box | LM_250 Bottom limit stop | LM_250 Carrying handles | LM_300S+
Self-locking hanging hook 3 button pendant control Transport box (50l) Up and down limit switches Carrying handle

Optional equipment:

Also remember to request a quote for additional security or comfort features.

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