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Electric winches for lifting people

French manufacturer of winches, nacelles, harnesses and suspended platforms since 1924.

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Electric winches for lifting materials

The sum of numerous know-how at the service of our customers

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Temporary suspended platform

Welcome to a world of unlimited height access

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Permanent suspended platform

FIXATOR, the desire to always go further, always higher

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Temporary suspended basket

A diversity of products for various sectors of activity

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Exolift helps with climbing

Divides by 3 the physical efforts of the technicians who go up to the wind turbine nacelle for repair or maintenance work.

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Temporary and permanent height access systems to carry out your new construction work, façade renovation or insulation, atrium maintenance and curtain wall cleaning.


Solutions for lifting people and lifting equipment to carry out installation and dismantling work on elevator shafts, fixing guide rails, and lighting equipment.


Tailor-made equipment to meet your needs for carrying out specific work on complex building architectures: water tower, drinking water tank, bridge, airport, cable car, etc.


A specific range of equipment for lifting people and materials for carrying out your rehabilitation and/or industrial maintenance work on power plants, shipyards, silos, storage tanks, boilers, chimneys and dams.


A climbing assistance system, platforms, nacelles and winches for lifting people and equipment to carry out maintenance operations inside a wind turbine and repair work on wind turbine blades and barrels.


Electric and manual winches commonly used in sports halls, for lifting basketball boards, operating blinds, skylights in greenhouses, hanging lamps, etc.



Our mission is to provide professionals who rent, sell and/or use suspended height access systems in France and around the world. Our specialty since 1924: hanging.