Fixator designs, manufactures and assembles suspended height access systems on site to ensure the safety of work at height.


The Fixator benefits

Made in France

Products designed, manufactured and assembled in France.


Work safely with Fixator products. Ensure the health of your employees.


Going faster, higher and more efficiently: this is the challenge of the products offered

Custom made

Innovative products developed to allow the best adaptability to the challenges of Building

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FIXATOR manufactures a wide range of electric winches (which includes the e.liftLifthoL.M.Motrix and the Basketball Winch), manuals And tires for people and equipment lifting applications. Our complete solutions are intended for professionals in the Building, of the'Industry, of the'Infrastructure, of the'Elevator, of the'Wind Power and Sport and Show.


The use of suspended platforms, nacelles and harnesses requires the installation of hanging devices on the roof, on the parapet, or on the facade. 

They are suspended by working cables and safety cables from different types of hangers: suspension beams, parapet console, under-lead console.

In order to adapt to all configurations and in particular to sites that do not allow hanging from roofs, we offer a simple and secure alternative: the platform suspended on additional FIXEO masts which replace the hanging of beams or parapet brackets. through the roofs.

Exolift climbing aid

Exolift is a portable motorized system for carrying out maintenance operations inside a wind turbine. It assists the user when ascending and descending a high ladder, limiting their physical and cardiac efforts.

An intelligent system that instantly adapts to the speed of movement by supporting 80% of its weight.

Exolift works with a fixed strap mounted on the wind turbine ladder (one hanging kit and one strap per wind turbine). Exolift is assigned either to the fleet or to the team of technicians. One EXOLIFT per park is sufficient.

Security blocks

FIXATOR provides two security blocks intended for the protection of people: SECURICHUTE And SECURISTOP. If the platform suddenly descends or experiences an excessively abnormal tilt, our fall arrest systems will activate and block the descent or tilt. 

Our fall arrest systems meet the safety requirements relating to European regulation No. 2006/42/CE Machine.

Steel cable | PERM_02


Steel cables in different diameters depending on your lifting winches.

Power cables in different extension sections depending on the number and type of lifting winch chosen.

Control boxes

Boxes to control your electric lifting winches: different models depending on your Fixator electric lifting winch.

Order box | ELIFT_501
FIXEO - bi-mat platform

Temporary equipment

Pods, harnesses and temporary suspended platforms used to raise and lower people and materials using a system of manual, electric or pneumatic winches with passing cables, allowing work to be carried out on facades.

Permanent equipment

Permanent suspended platforms, harnesses and platforms specially designed to be permanently installed on a building.

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FIXEO - bi-mat platform

UPS2T lifting pulley

The pulley is a lifting device that can be used either to double the capacity of the winch used without damage or to change the direction of the cable and the lifted load.